Dehumanization As A Tool For Colonization Essay

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Colonization Through Power and Knowledge: The use of Dehumanization as a Tool for Colonization

Dehumanization is the process of psychologically removing all human aspects of an individual or group of people with certain similarities, they are often seen as the enemy. The implications from the process of dehumanization can be catastrophic for those on who is it carried out upon. Dehumanization can lead to inhumane treatment and disregard for human rights. When analyzing many instances of colonization in history it is common to find colonization, power, knowledge and dehumanization closely linked together. Dehumanization has a very clear role in the process of colonization, it is often used a tool for the normally unjust treatment of a specific group of people to be over looked and even accepted by society. Many people feel that this is a historical phenomenon but that would be incorrect as its still extremely present in todays world just in subtler methods.

Examining dehumanization is quite easy when looking at historical events such as the period of slavery in America in which slave owners treated their slaves as objects and buying and selling them as if they were property showing blatant open dehumanization of the black American people at the time. Today dehumanization is masked and a perfect example of that is seen in an article and study conducted Erin Steuter and Debourah Wills of Mount Allison University titled “Discourses of Dehumanization: Enemy Construction and
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