Dehumanization In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Dehumanization of the Jews Dehumanization is the act of taking one’s human qualities away from them, this can be done using voice and also using actions. During the time of the Holocaust, the Nazi’s used their power to abuse and dehumanize the Jewish people. They would beat and kill them, they would yell at them and they stripped the Jews of their dignity and rights. In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, one recurring theme is the dehumanization of the Jews. Throughout Night by Elie Wiesel, one can see the theme of dehumanization through the way the Nazi’s treated the Jews, spoke to the Jews, and how the Jews treated one another. There are many times one can see the Nazi’s brutalizing the Jews throughout the novel. From the moment the Nazi’s took the Jews as prisoners they were being mistreated. They were loaded into cattle cars, a vehicle made to transport animals, to the point where they were so full people could hardly breathe. They were sent to concentration camps where they were tortured and treated as slaves. As they entered the camps they were humiliated, SS officers yelled at them to “‘Strip! Hurry up! Raus! Hold on only to your belt and your shoes”(Wiesel 35). They were sent to cold showers and bathed in a sulfur-scented soap to be identifiable by their scent. They received only one small ration of food a day, these people were starved. Not only were they cared for like a group of worthless animals but some were never even given a chance. The SS officers would put everyone through selection and only the grown and strong would survive. Truckloads of children “Babies! Yes...children thrown into the pit of flames”(Wiesel 32) and grown men hung for all to see, their bodies waving in the wind like a flag. For those who did survive selection, they lost their names and were tattooed with their new titles “‘A-7713?’ ‘That’s me.’”(Wiesel 51) The Jews were consistently treated like animals by the Nazi’s and if that was not enough, they were also told how worthless they were. Not only were Jewish prisoners treated like animals the Nazi’s also vocally told them how worthless they were. The Jews were told that they were going to be treated like animals by the Nazi’s. For example, while the eighty imprisoned Jews
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