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Where’s The Water Dehydration 1 Where’s the Water? In schools around the country there are kids who are involved in sports, but lack the amount of fluids your body needs to function properly. The reason why this happens is due to dehydration. People in sports get pushed so hard and hardly ever get the chance to run to the water fountain to get a drink of water. Dehydration causes people to faint, vomit, and produces a fever because of the lack of fluids in their body. A misconception people have these days, is they think they can substitute water with soda. Soda does have water in it, but the sodium in soda absorbs liquid and makes you thirstier. The human body is made up of 50% to 70% water…show more content…
There are many symptoms when it comes to dehydration. The first sign is a dry mouth or tongue. This can be because you haven’t had a drink in a long time or if you are exercising for a long period of time and your mouths begins to taste like salt. Another symptom is if you are short of urine output and your urine turns a dark yellow. This most frequently happens after you exercise and you lose water weight (Sam Lopez). You may also notice you are dehydrated if the skin around tour eyes begins to sink in ( There is also a test you can give yourself to check if you are hydrated or dehydrated. This test is called a skin turgor ( This is performed by pulling the skin on the back of your hand, and observes how long it takes for your skin to return to normal. If your skin remains in a pinched type form, your body is dehydrated. Another test you can use to determine if you are hydrated or not, is to take a sample of your urine and see if it’s a dark shade of yellow. If it is, you are not drinking enough water to hydrate your body. For the Cerritos College Wrestling team we needed to take a hydration test, which determines how much weight we are allowed to lose during the season. For this test, physicians took a urine sample then tested the color of it with a magnifying machine.

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