Deicer Magnesium Chloride

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Deicer Analysis of MgCl2

Dalena Khothsombath *†
Group Members: James Deringer, Jeff Tanaka, and Yang Zhao
Group 3

“I pledge that this report, the data in it, and interpretations are my work, except where referenced. I have neither obtained nor given aid on this assignment outside of data discussions with my lab team. “ Signed_________________________________________


A common road salt, magnesium chloride, was analyzed in the lab to test its effectiveness as a road salt. The Van’t Hoff factor of the salt and the enthalpy of dissolution when dissolved in pure water were experimentally tested to evaluate its many characteristics as a deicer. To determine the Van’t Hoff factor, the difference of temperatures of freezing water
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The additional ice that melted was added to the initial mass of water to obtain the final weight of water in the solution to calculate molality: molality m= (grams MgCl2÷95.21gmol of MgCl2)10mL H2O×1g H2O1 mL H2O×1 kg H2O1000 g H2O+grams of ice×% of ice melted×1 kg ice1000 g ice To obtain the average Van’t Hoff factor from the data, plot the change of temperature vs. molality and find the line of best fit. The slope represents the average Van’t Hoff factor multiplied by the freezing point constant of water, (i)(Kf). Then calculate each trial’s Van’t Hoff factor by using Equation 2. This originated from the freezing point depression equation: i = ΔT/((Kf)(m)) (Equation 2) The freezing point constant (Kf) of water is 1.86 °C m-1. Each mass amount and Van’t Hoff factor was calculated then analyzed in a table. Experiment 2: Experiment 2 focused on finding the enthalpy of solution of magnesium chloride. Testing the enthalpy of solution started with measuring out 10 mL of deionized water in a graduated cylinder for three separate trials, each trial having a different mass of magnesium chloride. The water was then poured into a well of a Styrofoam calorimeter then the initial temperature of water was taken using a temperature probe and the LoggerPro programming. A measured amount of magnesium chloride was placed in the same well as the water in the calorimeter,
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