Deicer Sprayer Case Study

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4. Narrative:
4.1. Brief Synopsis:
Operator1 (OP1, AFSAS Person 1) was driving a deicer sprayer (GMV 1, AFSAS Object 1) when he attempted to make a U-turn causing the vehicle to roll and landed on its right side/vehicle totaled.
4.2. Sequences of Events:
OP1 woke at 20:00 prior to his shift starting at 0:00. OP1 arrived to work at 23:45, as usual OP1 was tasked to sprinkle snow melting on all Harden Air Craft shelters taxi ways (HAS).OP1 checked out his vehicle IAW AF form 1800 then departed for the HAS areas. OP1 completed 3-4 rounds sprinkling ice and snow melt equating to approximately 15 miles until OP1 attempted a U-turn between the intersection of the Charlie and Delta 3 taxiways. OP1 attempted a U-turn traveling at approximately 40 KPH in a 15 KPH zone causing the fully loaded deicer sprayer to tip
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Investigation Analysis
4.3.1. Casual Factors Investigated Speed: OP1 operating a deicer sprayer at approximately 25 KPH over the speed limit allowed on a tax way in a utility vehicle. Due to the large vehicle being loaded with approximately 1500 gallons of deicer fluid and the speed in which OP1 attempted to make a U-turn, caused the vehicle to lose its center of gravity and roll onto its side.
4.3.2. Contributory Factors investigated Environment: Sun rise occurred at 6:12 am of the day of the mishap while snowing covering the roads. OP1 operated the deicer sprayer above approved the speed limit in an non-operable conditions not following the flight line training instructions.
4.3.3. Non-Factors: Sleep: OP1 woke up for work at 20:00 and arrived on shift at 23:45. OP1 was awake for approximately 11.5 hours prior to the mishap and received 9 hours of undisrupted sleep.
4.3.4. Non-factors Worthy of Discussion: No non-factors worth of discussions identified.
4.3.5. Conclusion: In the opinion of the investigator, the mishap occurred due to OP1 traveling at 25 KPH over the approved speed limited in inclement
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