Deification of Technology

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Kaarel Tiidus Media Culture & Criticism 11.01.2011 Deification of Technology The term technology may have many different meanings to different persons and it can be used to describe many different things and ideas. We can speak about technology when the very first human beings realised that a regular stone can be used as a tool, that it can be sharpened and shaped, it can be piled up to build walls and houses. Round pieces of wood could be used as wheels and wheels can be used to help move cars etc. What I mean when I use the term technology in this essay is modern technology – from telephones and computers to stem-cell research and cloning. Currently we are living literally in the age of technology, meaning it is impossible to…show more content…
There are more humanly reasons behind the rise of technology. Progress is something that is happening everywhere and all the time. It seems that progress has become synonymous with technological advancements and breakthroughs. Human race has always felt the need to aim higher, even if every single person is not as ambitious or talented as some, it does not really matter. One genius with great ambition and talent can make a change that changes the whole world, especially if we think of technology and science. There are many inventors and geniuses who have created or discovered something just because of the joy of inventing something and from the thirst of knowledge, passionately believing and wanting to cure diseases and help humanity. But together with the evolution of technology our society and culture has evolved also. One of the biggest driving forces is no longer the hunger for simple knowledge or making the world a better place, but instead it is money and profit. The same way as we can not exist and use our potential to the fullest in a high-technology age without using high-technology, we can not expect to fit into a capitalistic society without the motivation of earning profit and gaining capital. There are countless amounts of profit driven advancements in technologies or even marketing tricks and simple
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