Del Hardy's The Light In The Forest

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The Light in the Forest is a story about a white boy, Tru Son, forced to return to his white family, after living with the Lenni Lenape Indians for the past eleven years.True Son was taken by the Indians when he was four. Tru Son’s Indian father was Cuyloga. Del Hardy, he's a character that used to be an Indian. He brought Tru Son back to his white family. Tru Son’s white name is Johnny. His parents are Harry and Myra Butler. Gordie is his white brother. Half Arrow is True Son’s Indian friend. He brings True Son back to his Indian family. At the end, True Son has to go back to his white family. In the book and the movie, the Paxton boys killed all the men, women, and children in a Conestoga village. The Indians have to give up their white
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