Del Hardy's The Light In The Forest Book

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The Light in the Forest book was about an Indian boy, True Son being forced to return to his white parents that lived in Pennsylvania. True Son went back to his white parents and his younger brother, after being an Indian for eleven years in Ohio. With him was a white soldier, Del Hardy that spoke the Delaware language. Myra Butler, Harry Butler, and Gordie Butler were excited for his return. When he arrived home, his Aunt Kate disliked True Son and his customs. His Uncle Wilse made fun of his language and his people. Uncle Wilse hated True Son what he was, an Indian and slapped True Son. True Son got into a lot of conflicts with other whites because of his Indian mindset. Half Arrow, True Son’s cousin found him on white territory. True Son and Half Arrow stole multiple things from True Son’s uncle. Half Arrow and True Son ran away together in the forest. They both stayed in the forest until they came to their tribe again. True Son met with his Indian father, Cuyloga. The Lenni Lenape planned an attack against the whites. The Lenni Lenape sent True Son in to attract the whites. Once the whites were close enough, True Son warned them to go back. Since True Son did that, he…show more content…
One is that True Son took a swing at Del Hardy in the movie. While on the other hand, True Son just sat there and didn’t do anything. Another difference between the book and the movie was that True Son dropped and ate a the Mandrake Root instead of the May Apple like he did in the book. Next difference was that True Son had no other siblings in the movie. In the book he had a younger brother named Gordie. To go along with character difference, there was a servant to Aunt Kate and Uncle Wilse in the movie named Shenandoah. Another difference was that True Son’s mother put on a dance for True Son so, that he could meet a girl and fancy her. At the party, Myra Butler put a ring in the cake and had True Son give it to the person he liked the
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