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Understanding her place in the creative realm of music as the intersection between classical instrumentation and modern lyric creation, Delaney Shay has recently recorded her second single in a Los Angeles studio and possesses numerous ideas concerning the expansion of her musical career—and she’s only seventeen. Thanks to her uncle who is a professional guitarist in Los Angeles, Delaney was given the opportunity to work with professional musicians in a studio that works for numerous high-profile clients including Katie Holmes and James Franco. While many of their production engineers often spend their days mixing music for films and aligning film scores with the footage that studios provide, they took a weekend during NorthWood’s Spring…show more content…
She intends to return to Los Angeles and record more in the future if possible, and understands that she is at somewhat of a crossroads in her life at this moment. She feels that both college and the pursuit of music need to be pursued now or never. That said, she does have a plan to integrate her studies in the future. The music business is difficult to crack into according to Delaney and she hopes to study business as a means to get a leg up on her non-business minded competitors in the industry. Furthermore, she also says that if recording does not work out a business-centered degree can apply in a variety of fields. She also dreams of potentially entering music from the business side rather than performance in the far future. For now, her sites are set on the completion of her final NorthWood Choir performances and a trip to Chicago the group is taking later this spring. Regardless of where she is or what avenue of music she is pursuing or will pursue, it is clear that music will remain an important part of Delaney’s life moving forward, and perhaps her story proves to remind us to take opportunities when they’re given and to always live our dreams no matter where our lives take
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