Delbridge Case

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According to the above petitions filed on 09/25/17, by Portsmouth Police Officer R. Flaherty, the following incident took place in the City of Portsmouth. “On September 24, 2017 at approximately 0016 hours, police were responding to a loud party at 1126 Virginia Avenue when a large group of individuals was observed loitering in the breezeway at 1112 Virginia Ave. Remonds Delbridge ran from the location and was observed tossing an item into a dumpster at 2406 High St before being taken into custody. Delbridge had an existing detention order on file for violation of probation. Search incident arrest yielded a 45 caliber bullet in Delbridge’s right front pants pocket. Police later recovered a Black Springfield XDS sn: S3189810 from inside the dumpster at 2406 High Street. The firearm had previously been stolen between August 6th, 2017, and August 20th, 2017. The ammunition in the Springfield matched the ammunition inside Delbridge’s pocket. Delbridge is 17 years old and has been convicted of robbery.…show more content…
He stated the police “rolled up” and there were “about 20, 30, maybe 40 people out there. There was a lot going on and people were running and trying to get out of there. It all happened so fast. Someone passed me the gun and I just took it. I don’t know why. I didn’t want to get shot so I threw it in the dumpster. The police chased me and caught me. I guess they saw me throw it in the dumpster.” Remonds stated he did not know why he took the firearm and he does not know who it was that passed it to him. Remonds stated no one was hurt by his behavior, but he said his mother was crying when he called her to tell her he was in trouble and he felt he let her
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