Delectables Essay

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Part A There are two important questions that I would ask myself before deciding whether or not to blow the whistle. If I do blow the whistle, will I be able to live with the consequences of revealing the food safety problems that are present at Delectables Corp., knowing that it may hurt the company and the people that work there? On the other hand, if I don’t blow the whistle, will I be able to live knowing about the food safety concerns and not doing anything about them to save the face of the company and the jobs of its employees? As Hosmer’s personal virtues theory points out, we should never take any action that is not honest, and that you would not feel pride to see reported in national newspapers and on TV. In…show more content…
They need to be firm and strict in their explanation and present serious consequences if they do not abide by the rules that have been set. The Quality Control Director is also a huge part of the problem. He had established a process but he hasn’t followed up to ensure that the workers are following this process. He seems to have given up hope, and seems content hiding away in his cubicle, where no one can even find him. Employees don’t seem to have any respect for him, so I don’t think he can realistically be effective at this point. The foremen are also a huge problem. They should be setting an example for the workers and instead they laugh at the process and simply rip of the stickers and get out as many boxes as they can. Laura Nash asks, “Who could your decision or action injure”? The foremen and employees aren’t thinking about the consequences of their actions and the possible harm that can be caused from these actions. They are rewarded on the number of boxes they move out of the factory so that is their main concern. There are many pressures and challenges that I would face in trying to improve the quality control at Delectables. As I mentioned previously, there are many risks involved in blowing the whistle. As a new member of the team, I don’t want to overstep my boundaries. I want my fellow employees to trust me. You have to be able to show your authority while at the same
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