Delegation Can Be A Slippery Slope For Any Manager

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Delegation can be a very slippery slope for any manager, but it has become a necessary component of many organizational management structures. While it can be an extremely effective management strategy, many times it is approached incorrectly and thus falls short of expected results. This is the case we see presented in the case study for this assignment. It seems that our manager/delegator, Ms. Wilson, is looking to remove some items from her current workload in order to facilitate more time to devote to her expanding supervisory duties that are not able to be delegated. To her credit, she did take the time to establish a list of tasks contained within her daily activities and reduce them to items that were able to be delegated. This is a crucial and key step, as discussed within our text. While we don’t know the extent of the items that may have been included on this list, Ms. Wilson did narrow the initial delegation to a single task: gathering the data and generating a monthly statistical report. It’s at this point that I feel things went a bit astray in the delegation process that eventually would lead to the failure of the process. First, just as important and organizing and stratifying a list of tasks for delegation, is the process of organizing and stratifying a list of potential candidates to perform those tasks. While we know in our case study that Ms. Wilson chose George Peters for the task, we don’t have any indication that she performed her due
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