Essay on Delegation Example in a Healthcare Setting

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Eletha Fields Delegation Example in a Healthcare Setting Delegation in the health care setting is very important for the nurses, unlicensed assistive personnel, and for the patients. The delegation of indirect and direct patient care allows the Registered Nurse (RN) to spend more time toward the patient care, education, and patient advocacy. This delegation of patient care helps to improve patient outcomes and increases satisfaction for the patient and the nurse (Snyder, Medina, Bell, & Wavra 2004). “Nurse delegation is considered a “professional right and responsibility” requiring a “skill that must be taught and practiced for nurses to be proficient in using it.”…show more content…
To the staff nurses’ tasks and physician orders are delegated and to be carried out either by the nurse or the nursing assistant. The primary nurse can decide if the task can be delegated to the nursing assistants. As far as the nursing assistants, they can help with and direct and indirect patient care activities that are delegated to help free the primary nurse for other nursing duties to be completed that cannot. Such tasks for the nursing assistants include: vital signs, obtaining them, reporting them to the nurse, and recording them in the designated place; obtaining daily weights; connecting the telemetry monitor to the patients; measuring intake and output, and recording it in the chart; collecting specimens; helping with daily living activities such as baths, oral care, and changing the linens (Anthony & Vidal, 2010). Many other tasks that the nursing assistants can do include feeding the patient; assisting in ambulation, turning and repositioning the patient. These are involved with the direct patient care. They are also able to help with indirect patient care that of which could include cleaning equipment, running errands, delivering supplies, stocking supplies, and some clerical tasks (Snyder et al, 2004). Many stakeholders involved with the care of the patients. The stakeholders are someone who has a vested interest in the care of the patients. These can include the physicians, the nurses, and the
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