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Employees are the most valuable resource for the organization. Managers can work more effectively by empowering employees who perform delegated jobs with the authority to manage those jobs. Successfully training gives the employees the skills, experience, and the resulting confidence to develop themselves for higher positions. Good delegation provides better managers and a higher degree of efficiency. The objective of delegation is to get the job done by someone else. Not just the simple tasks of reading instructions and turning a lever, but also the decision making and changes which depend upon new information. With delegation, the staff has the authority to react to situations without referring back to you. Delegation authority from…show more content…
They think that if they ask a lot of questions about an assignment you'll think they are not bright enough to handle it. 3. Instead, when you delegate, ask the employee to write you a brief memo outlining his or her understanding of the job. Leading refers to the management process of providing direction and involvement in every area of the organization’s development. The leading function provides them with a support system to ensure their success. Leaders are always there for the staff, not the staff for the leaders. Leading involves vision-the understanding and articulation of the mission and culture of the organization in a way that empowers the people. Leading involves delegation-the assignment of responsibility and authority to persons so that they might lead within the organization. Leading involves motivation and coaching-the inspiration and encouragement of people to accomplish their assignment. Leading involves coordination. It maintains a network of relationships among the people of the organization. Leading involves service. Leaders make a commitment to the well being of the organization, the achievement of its mission, the development of its people and the impact it has on the community in which it serves. It is important to note that power and authority are given by the organization (by its people) to be given to the people to enable them to carry out their assignment. The leader is there to serve the follower. It is not unusual to hear the
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