Delegation Of The Nurses Association ( Ana )

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Delegation in Nursing Practice The subject of delegation inevitably is discussed when considering the demands on Registered Nurses. Registered Nurses are the hub of communication regarding the patients’ condition, treatment, and well-being. The doctor, family, lab, radiology, respiratory, physical therapy, dietary, and even billing and housekeeping rely on the nurse for information and the transmission of information to others. The patient being the most important of all of these, but if the nurse is communicating with all of these parties and documenting properly how is she suppose to then care for the patient. Now throw a “student nurse” on her to add to her responsibility. This paper with discuss delegation related to nursing practice, its benefits and drawbacks. The American Nurses Association (ANA) characterizes delegation as “the transfer of responsibility for the performance of an activity from one individual to another, with the former retaining responsibility for the outcome…” This poses a dilemma for new and seasoned nurses alike. Nurse have incredible amount of responsibility placed on them with not enough hours to complete it all. Add to this the current and projected shortage of RN’s and it is easy to see why delegation is an important component to future nursing practice. This results in a climate where many times the nurse has to delegate in order to complete her job within the time specified. Nursing delegation is a process which the RN can
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