Delegation Paper

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Delegation Paper Delegation Paper The definition of delegation, according to the, is delegation of Administrative authority responsibility transfer to a person of lower license from the person of higher license, while remaining responsible for the actions of the outcome. The RN must have trust and confidence in the team members they are delegating to be able to delegate effectively and with minimal stress for themselves (Harris, 2007). With the determining of competence and appropriateness of the task to be delegated, there are many things to consider. According to the nursing practice act, the RN is authorized to delegate to lower licensed staff with ongoing supervision to help patients receive a quality…show more content…
The RN must be available for questions and guidance after the staff receiving the delegated patient has accepted the task. With the right supervision, the lower level staff member should report back to the RN in a timely manner with all progress or the patient needed more care than lower level staff member could provide. Communication is an important part of the delegating process with the completion of each task in a timely manner. The RN should be able to complete other tasks, which can be only completed by them, in a timely manner. The lower level staff member should be held accountable for the work performed with positive and guidance with other aspects that need growth. With the constructive criticism, it provides both bases for the RN and the staff member to understand the ability of that particular person [ (Quallich, A Bond of Trust Delegation) ]. With any kind of delegation, there are still barriers. Nurses who are not confident with their own skills may feel that delegating diminishes their role as an RN and can cause burnout. This causes an ineffective environment for handling care efficiently for good health care. RN's need to have delegation teaching to ensure they are able to do the appropriate tasks that cannot be delegated. RN's should have skills that allow them to implement a
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