Delegation and Supervision

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Running Head: DELEGATION AND SUPERVISION Delegation and Supervision Delegation and Supervision In the area of nursing, delegation and supervision often go hand in hand. Supervising is providing guidance for a specific nursing task. A qualified nurse with the goal of making sure the task is accomplished properly and correctly does this supervision. Usually this is the job of a nurse manager and that person is liable for assigning, delegating and supervising of activities. If the manager fails to assign, delegate and supervise these activities within acceptable standards of nursing practice, she can be accused of malpractice. Delegation is assigning a task to another person who is competent and qualified to perform…show more content…
These delegations are in consensus with National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s Concept and Decision-Making Process National Council Position Paper, 1995. The first right refers to the right task. This is talking about activities that occur in the daily care of the patient but that do not require the assistant to exercise nursing judgment or involve the nursing process. The delegator also needs to make a determination of the patient’s nursing care needs prior to delegating a task. That would fit the second right, which is the right circumstance. The third right is the right person, which would mean being sure that the delegatee is qualified to perform the task. An important part of delegating a task is also being sure that the person who is going to perform the task has the necessary documented competencies of the task on file so that the task will be properly performed. The last rights involve direction, communication, supervision and evalu-ation. The delegator must be sure that the specific activities are communicated clearly to the assigned person. The RN should adequately supervise the performance of the assigned nursing task in accordance with the policies of the facility. Often times the RN may need to directly supervise the person assigned the task. Once the RN is comfortable with the competence of the person performing the task, they may simply touch base with that person to make sure the task was completed in a timely
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