Delegation in the Workplace

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Delegation 1 DELEGATION IN THE WORKPLACE Delegation in the Workplace University of Phoenix Delegation 2 Every company has assignments that are delegated on every level within a business. Delegating is defined as giving authority and responsibility to a subordinate or an employee on a lower level. At The Plumbing Warehouse, delegating is a very important part of getting the price changes done on time. However, when leading and controlling are involved, the delegation process could use a few minor improvements. Every company must have effective delegation skills in order to be prosperous. The manager in the pricing department of The Plumbing Warehouse keeps the department alive through the delegation…show more content…
At The Plumbing Warehouse, the manager of the pricing department could definitely get more done by letting go after delegating selected jobs to the employees. Being a delegator takes the skills to derail all of these issues. Being a person of delegation is not for everyone. Having confidence in the decision making process is extremely important. The skilled delegator has a clear vision of the results desired and is able to describe this to the employee. The delegator is able to multiply his effectiveness to benefit the business. He/she can then accurately assess the capabilities of each employee and assign those tasks that an individual can complete successful. At the same time sufficient authority is transferred to the employee to get the job done (Sharp, 2002, para. 1). First, the delegator has to know what has to be accomplished before getting started. Once knowing the goals of the department, the delegating manager should pass the information on to the subordinates. Being a well-rounded and well-respected individual, the employees, usually, have no problems or issues with the orders given. The delegator is an asset to the business and that is why he/she is a benefit to the company. The manager who delegates also has to pay attention to the capabilities of each one of the employees in order to know who can do what. Every employee has strengths and weaknesses and the
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