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After the Persians were defeated in the Persian War, Athens was finally free to do what they wanted to do. They were able to grow and develop however they wanted. They were no longer under Persian control, so Athens created new leadership against the Persians by forming the Delian League. The Delian League was a league of many allied Greek city-states. This league was created to make sure that all the Greek city-states were free from Persian control. This league was dominated by the Athenians and they controlled what people could do. “Arguing that the Persian threat was now over, some members of the Delian League wished to withdraw. But the Athenians forced them to remain in the league and to pay tribute. “No secession” became Athenian policy” (Spielvogel 56). The league was becoming part of a new…show more content…
Pericles expanded the Athenians’ involvement in democracy which was what Athenians had come to call their form of government” (Spielvogel 57). Power was now in the hands of the people, not just one person. Aristocrats held the most important offices but the people of Athens got say in the affairs of the state. Although Athens was growing, so was Sparta. Sparta and Athens had built two very different societies and neither state like the other state’s form of government. This lead to many difficulties and fights between the two city-states which eventually had lead to the Peloponnesian War. Disputes weren't the only cause, “...the great Greek historian Thucydides pointed out that the fundamental, long range because of that war began in 231 B.C.E. was the fear that Athens and its empire inspired in Sparta” (Spielvogel 57). In the war, both sides believed that they were going to win. The Spartans eventually defeated the Athenians after twenty-seven years, destroying the Athenian empire. The Athenian empire might have been destroyed a lot earlier if the Persians defeated

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