Deliberation Vs Filibusters

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Similarly, activity in legislation is usually characterized by the ability to compromise between Democrats and Republicans. Sometimes, the agenda of both parties are within agreeable parameters to jumpstart and finish legislation. However, one crucial factor which can inhibit or advance legislation is the participation of the representatives in the House or the Senate during legislative deliberation. Logically, when both parties decide to work with some intent at compromise, legislation is possible. Despite this, there are times when members try to hinder the passage of legislation because of their stance on the topic. It is critical to focus on legislation after the committee proposal or when it is close to being approved one or both chambers. Because when a bill is effectively stopped, all the…show more content…
A filibuster does have “strategic use [in delaying] . . . legislation,” on the other hand it is true that a filibuster is used because legislation made by one party is unwanted by the other (Fisk & Chemerinsky 183). Time is a principal factor in legislative deliberation and a filibuster wastes the time of Senators who need information on the bill to vote up or down. The time allotted for other bills become much smaller and frustrated Senators may allow the bill to die. As such, even the threat of a filibuster poses great concern for a new bill created by either party. Despite a filibuster allowing the minority to voice their concern over the subject matter, it is a power which can be abused by either party to stop a bill because of differences based on ideal, not logic. The party which has been subjected to these methods is forced to cooperate with the other party. In all, legislative participation is objectively good, however if a bill is hindered because of ideology, then that form of participation lowers legislative
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