Delillo Harsh Words

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At first look, American novelist Don DeLillo’s words sound harsh on the idea of traveling abroad. Upon further review and personal analysis, DeLillo’s harsh words and personal analysis, the harsh words speak truth. As strange as it sounds, travelers are more confident in sounding stupid in far off places rather than being at home. Travelers understand that there is going to be a communication barrier but are still willing to sound stupid to communicate with others. But why are they still so confident in their stupidity? Is it because the first few days, weeks, months in a new country is basically like being thrown in the deep end of a swimming pool, unsure of one’s own abilities and not knowing what’s going to happen next – fight or flight.…show more content…
Everyone knows someone who has traveled, whether it was to another city, another state, another country, or another continent – we have all met people who are shaping the way tourism is viewed. As a native born Alaskan, I’ve encountered my fair share of tourism in the majestic state that I call home. I’ve met people from all around the world; gathered tourist information from visitor centers; and have been asked my opinion on what to see, where to go, what to do. But how often are we given the opportunity to return the favor and ask these questions of someone else? Thanks to the help of modern technology, we no longer need to ask for opinions from locals, we search the Internet for the information ourselves. Through the use of travel guidebook websites, travel blogs, travel social media accounts, and many more we are granted the opportunity to hear what fellow tourists would recommend to do, see, and go. Although asking fellow tourists is a great way to gather starter information, I’ve learned to not have the same stories as every other tourist who has ever traveled to that country, that I need to ask locals what they would recommend. I have been traveling internationally on…show more content…
China is a dominating country with a long, graphic history; an economy worthy of getting into business with; and stories that are unlike any other. The relationship between general economic development and tourism is a tale as old as time, whether it’s businesses agreeing to tourism in their city or in literature where the results proved to be true. Tourism is often seen by governments as a tool for economic development, in particular areas such as employment, entrepreneurial opportunities, development in rural regions, generate tax revenues, and so much more. In 2012, a study by Zeng et al discovered that domestic and international tourism in China is becoming a booming industry. In reality, tourism in China has actually been declining slightly since 2007. This is because of the Chinese Yuan, (whose full title is Yuan Renminbi, abbreviated as RMB) and the fluctuations of the exchange rate causing the price of traveling to China to increase as well as decrease in personal interest. The recent recessions in America and Europe has led to Americans and Europeans being less willing to travel to China and contribute to the Chinese market. In recent years, air pollution and food safety problems have arisen, causing some foreign visitors to worry about travel conditions and even cancel their
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