Delivering Health Care At Americ A Systems Approach

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Shi,L., & Singh, D. A. (2015). Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach (6th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
I choose the book because it serves as a back-bone towards the portfolio project. The book provides comprehensive knowledge about the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, and how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act impacted these public health insurances. Chapter 3 gives a summary on how Medicare and Medicaid became a public health insurance – to serve the elderly population and then expanded to serve low-income families. Chapter 5 discusses “meaningful use” – Medicare and Medicaid started to offer financial incentives to health care organizations who have met a range of metrics such as
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M. (2017). Medicaid Expansion Increased Coverage, Improved Affordability, And Reduced Psychological Distress for Low-Income Parents. Health Affairs, 36(5), 808-818.
The article examines the Medicaid expansion and the impact it has on coverage, access and use, affordability, and the health status. The article examines data from the National Health Interview Survey from 2010-2015. The article also estimates the uninsured and under-insured rate if the certain states under went the Medicaid expansion. There was limited evidence on the impact of smaller states who expanded their Medicaid programs. I would agree with the article that decreased the psychological stress for low-income individuals. This is especially true for those individuals who are on the border of qualifying for Medicaid, but can’t afford private health insurances or their employers don’t offer health insurances because they are considered contractors or part time employees.

Sommers, B. D., Kenney, G. M., & Epstein, A. M. (2014). New Evidence on The Affordable Care Act: Coverage Impacts of Early Medicaid Expansions. Health Affairs, 33(1), 78-87.
The article examines the states (California, Connecticut, Minnesota and Washington, D.C.) who decided to expand coverage earlier. It closely examines enrollment period between 2010 – 2014. Administrative records showed that there was an increased Medicaid coverage. The data also shows that there is an increase coverage in the population who had multiple

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