Dell 4 Ps Essay

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Marketing Program, Strategy, and Tactics (4 Ps):

Product: Dell Inc. provides a wide variety of both business class and home/consumer class products and services. The company markets specific brand names to different market segments. Some examples of Dell products typically sold to corporate clients are Dell PowerEdge servers, Power Vault, Dell EMC storage systems, and PowerConnect switches. A few examples of products for individual and professional customers are Dell Precision workstations, OptiPlex desktops, Dimension desktops, and Inspiron and Latitude notebooks. In addition to these Dell also offers printers, projectors, and LCD televisions, to name a few. Dell’s obvious cash cow is its PC business. Dell has always been
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Finally, since Dell builds computers on a just-in-time, built-to-order basis, it does not have to keep a stock of components and ready-made computers. Keeping a stock of parts and pre-built computers costs money, which ultimately gets passed on to the customer; since Dell doesn’t do this, they are able to sell their computers at a lower price. The ultimate result is that Dell’s customers are able to get high-quality products for a reasonable price.

Promotion: Dell uses several different methods to advertise its products. Advertisements can be found in newspapers, computer magazines, and on the internet and television. In addition to commercials on television, Dell uses two main avenues to get its advertisements to potential customers: direct mail and online. Direct mail includes and promotional material sent through the post office. For example, Dell publishes a variety of 24-page monthly catalogues describing their available products. Different catalogues are geared towards different market segments – one for small businesses and one for domestic customers. The catalogues are then mailed to current and prospective customers on Dell’s mailing list. Online advertising includes any promotional material posted on the web. The internet offers many advantages to advertising because the product can be shown and described in detail. The customer can usually get much more
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