Dell : A Global Provider Of It Solutions And Services With Multiple Years

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Dell has positioned itself as a global provider of IT solutions and services over multiple years. This branding has shown that it is not simply an attempt to distance itself from the profitable but low-margin PC business, but instead, that it is a very real transition for both Dell as a company and the IT landscape, in which Dell operates. The current increase in cloud computing, big data, and connected devices, information technology is becoming more vital to the survival of business service sectors. These changes are rapidly moving down from huge enterprises into Dell’s ideal customer base of small and medium sized businesses. Dell has made multiple acquisitions over the years which has created many offerings and helped to position the…show more content…
Since the Personal Computer was new in the 1980s you didn’t have to worry about buyers having knowledge of the products like they do today. Back then the company would have power over the suppliers since there were only so few of them. They had a market of a handful and they knew it. So they had to work with you. Now days there are numerous different companies available to manufacture computers for personal use or company use. In the 1980s the computer manufacturing industry was a 3 star industry. Now a days it’s no longer an attractive industry. The suppliers have the power that they didn’t have in the 1980s. Buyers have power because they’re more knowledgeable than ever. They’re able to search and look up every detail about computers to make sure that they get the right deal. The last factor that makes it unattractive is that there are all sorts of substitutes available. People are able to replace a computer now with a tablet or a smartphone. These new devices are able to do everything a computer can while taking up less space and they’re portable. It’s no longer tied down to a desk. Now days its difficult to have good margins thus creating a 1 star industry.
As a multinational enterprise, Dell succeeded in executing its global strategy. By properly executing their strategy, Dell gave itself a competitive advantage that was unmatched during their push in the 2000’s.
Dell’s initial competitive advantage has come from a variety of
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