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Dell Case study.

In this report we are going to analyse the business environment of the computer industry in the form of a PESTE which stands for Political, Economical,
Social-Cultural, Technological and Environmental.

We feel that it is important to analyse the environment of a business as it will help the business to identify the Opportunities and Threats surrounding it. Using the case study of Dell we have identified the following opportunities and threats of the computer industry.


There are a number of political issues, that large organisations such as Dell must consider when expanding or operating in different countries. Obviously government in the western world have different ideals to the countries in
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1) For the computer companies to succeed within the industry, it is vital that they keep the environments and societies healthy in order to recruit and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

2) The cultural shift in the way businesses operate, towards on-line trading mean there is now more growth in the computer industry as it is essential tool for modern businesses.

3) By the computer industry expanding this will have a positive affect on the society, environment as they will create more jobs.

The computer industry needs to understand that all countries have different business cultures, for example Dell operates, DELL AMERICAS,
DELL EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA, DELL ASIA PACIFIC/ DELL JAPAN. This could be a opportunity or threat to a business if they can adapt successfully to the different business cultures.



1) Due to Telephone expansion in developing countries, businesses are realising that the internet is essential for operating globally. This is a whole new opportunity for the computer industry to take advantage of these new untapped markets.

2) The computer industry needs to keep up to date in new technological developments or face elimination as this is vital to survive in the computer industry. For example with reference to the

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