Dell Inc. : Business Level Strategy

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History of Dell Dell Inc. was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. Dell Inc. is an information technology company offering a range of products, including desktop, personal computers, servers, networking products, storage, mobility products, software and security. They also provide a range of services including consulting and product-related support services. Dell Inc. reached their success through the concept of selling computers directly to their consumers. Meaning, meeting the needs and proficiently providing solutions to fulfill those needs. This is one of the key strategies that helped Dell begin to rise, and become one of the top companies within the computer industry. However, as time goes on company’s strategies must change to stay…show more content…
The direct selling approach that they used, meant that they would sale their products directly to their consumers. This would eliminate them from having to work with fixed retail locations, and limit consumer’s options down to only Dell. Therefore, instead of consumers shopping at Best Buy, Target, or Walmart where there is a numerous amount of options that could make them stray away from purchasing a Dell PC. Consumers will only be seeing the different Dell products that are offered, giving Dell an advantage. The build-to-order approach means that the company makes the products once the confirmed order is received. This sets Dell aside from competitors because the product that the consumer is purchasing is being customized for their specific needs. This allows them to feel a part of the process. Global-level Strategy Global-level strategies address how to expand operations outside of the home country to grow and prosper where competitive advantage is determined at a global level. (Hill, Jones Schilling, p.21) The first global-level strategy that Dell has pursued is the localization strategy. With this strategy, “it primarily focuses on increasing profitability by customizing the company’s goods or services. Therefore, it will provide a favorable match to the tastes and preferences in different national or regional markets” (Hill, Jones, Schilling, p. 257). Dell pursued this global
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