Dell, Inc. is Multinational Technology Company Founded by a 19 year old

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Dell Inc. is a multinational technology company that is based in Round Rock, Texas in the United States. It was founded in by a 19 year old man known as Michael Dell. He had an idea of manufacturing and selling computers directly to customers. He started his work by selling the computers at small scale. By 1988, the company had grown by a large margin with the help of a venture capitalist, Lee Walker. In1992, the company was listed in the Forbes among the top 500 richest and largest companies. Dell has gained a worldwide recognition for production of computers, servers, and workstations. The company also integrated internet connections in the company. Customers were introduced to this integration as an e-commerce platform. Customers were able to purchase products online. Customers got products at a cheaper with delivery as long as they are within a specified area. The company is currently at the maturity level of the business cycle (Dell, 2014). This is because it is making maximum profits and selling many products to customers. The company produces quality products as well. The stage has helped the company to become one of the best computer technology companies in the world. Quality is the behind customer attraction to products. Quality Methodologies Quality is one of the essential factors in Dell. This is because the company has managed to produce quality products that have been attracting different customers. Customers always expect to get quality products from any

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