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Dell INC Executive summary Is the dell's direct model working? Last year, the company gave up the PC market share lead to Hewlett-Packard. Dell was the only top computer company to lose worldwide PC market share. This analysis identified Dell's problems and provided strategic moves for the PC maker firm. Company Background The company was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, now the company is one of the world's largest suppliers of personal computers and related products. It designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and services personal computers, servers, printers and other products. The company primarily operates in the Americas. It is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas and employs about 66,000 people. Dell's simple concept…show more content…
Recommendation: Mission statement indicates how the company will achieve its vision; I will stay with Dell's mission since shows its core competencies and operating philosophies. However, I will change the word going direct. Dell is now selling PCs in one retail store. Justification: With the power of customer, and talented staff, and high quality the company, will achieve its vision to see every person in the world possessing a computer. The Purpose of this mission is provide customers with superb value technology; the core of the business is provided high quality, relevant technology, customized systems and the values are superior service and support, easy to buy, easy to use SWOT Analysis Internal-strengths and weaknesses Strengths: Dell is the second world largest PC market. The company holds a market leader positioning in the PC manufacturing world some of the Strengths are: Brand name ( best Know and renowned computer brand in the world. Direct to customers build model No inventory build up(just in time inventory system) Internet sales leadership Latest technology facilities Strong relationship with suppliers Customization (greater part of dell systems are built to order)

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