Dell: Supply Chain Management and Electronic Commerce Essay

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Dell, one of the largest technological corporations in the world, sells personal computers, software, computer peripherals and other digital products among the world. According to the Fortune 500 list, Dell is currently listed as number 51. Dell is well known for its customer-oriented services such as supply chain management and electronic commerce. More specifically, the supply chain management (SCM) used by Dell allows customers to build their own PC online and successfully satisfies each customer’s specification. The selling and buying of products in Dell is conducted over electronic systems, for instance, online transaction process enables consumers attain various services through the Internet. Such considerate
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High Stress Problem:

Dick Hunter, the new head of customer service, adopted a new strategy that is to treat the call center like a factory. Representatives used to be trained to solve only one type of problem, resulting in a high frequency of transferring phone calls. In order to find the right expertise, reps usually have to transfer a call several times, which causes customers a long time waiting on the phone. To reduce such inconvenience, Hunter required phone reps to resolve inquires in one call. He also expanded the call center, which could house 1000-3000 reps. Furthermore, large monitors were installed so that workers could see the number of callers who are on hold. The working environment has now been closely monitored. Therefore, representatives who work at the call center might have suffered from high level of stress due to these changes. The task demand is raised higher and each rep’s workload increases. Reps must acquire more knowledge about various kinds of problem solutions in a short period and adapt to these strategic changes immediately. A large number of workers have experienced lack of control of the new working condition and also feel stressful because of time pressure. The consequence of the high stress level can be rather negative. For example, employee’s performance has decreased while absenteeism has been increasing. What is even

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