Dell 's Strategy And Transformation Planning

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Dell Inc is a renowned multinational company in computer technology that manufacture, design, sells, and support computer related products and services. It was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 in Austin, Texas, and started selling personal computer with $1000. The company approached good marketing strategy that include low cost product, placing ads in computer magazines, and enable toll free number for placing orders. Within few years, the company touched the annual budget close to $1 billion per year that made the company as the largest technological corporation in the world.

For the long time, Dell was well known as the largest manufacturer and marketing company of personal computers. But then due to increasing competition in the market,
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The department role is to deliver the requirements and expand the business into the market and make a long lasting footprint while considering the long-term objectives. Supply chain leaders also ensure product compliance and network optimization.
Finance department: It is mainly responsible for showing financial records, sales data, marketing research information. Along with this, the department is making their own strategies to influence the business partners. The department is creating the opportunities to built fiscally responsible policies, that ultimately providing the cost savings to the customers.
R & D department: This department is continuously looking ways to develop and invent new process and improve current processes. The department’s motive is to design, implement and maintain the various centers like data center. The department is looking into various like process engineering, capacity/demand planning, and material handling equipment design and implementation, fulfillment center project management, and packaging engineering.
Marketing department: The department responsibility is to use the latest trends of the market for marketing the product and services. The team is always looking for new innovative ways that makes the company technology as successful as brand. New training and developments programs in the departments created a culture that

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