Dell 's Supply Chain Management

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Dell is the company that is well known for its unique and innovative supply chain and was responsible for setting trend for the way the PC could be sold at the cheaper rate. It was ranked 2nd on the list of the biggest computer distributors. The benchmark of their successful company was because of their unique Supply Chain Management. Dell marked its uniqueness in the supply chain industry by the launch of the ‘Built – to – order’ and ‘Direct Sale Strategies’. Supply chain management plays a vital role in any organization to increase the customer satisfaction and also to maintain the competitive advantage in the market. Supply Chain Management involves several functions within the organization. Managers need know what is the supply chain, its importance and how does it impacts the success and profit of the organization. In case of the Dell, it uses ‘Dell Direct’ that helps them to sustain their competitive advantage in the market. It simply is the direct customer order and there is no middle man involved in the process of ordering. We see that the success of the Dell lies in the ‘Direct Sell Model’ and in this term paper the focus is more on the supply chain strategies that the Dell uses and the relationship with the supplier and its communicational capabilities with its consumers. The various business models adopted by Dell is analyzed with its Supply Chain Strategy and also the information flow within Dell and how it adds value to its supply chain.

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