Dell's Process Strategy and Location

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Dell's Process Strategy and Location: Process strategy is basically defined as an organization's approach to convert resources into goods and services. As a result, the main objective of process strategy is to identify a means of producing goods and services that meet the requirements of customers and product specifications within the available cost and other managerial constraints ("Process Strategy", n.d.). The use of these strategies is the production of goods and services with long-term impacts on costs and quality as well as productions flexibility and efficiency. Due to their significance, various organizations use different process strategies that are implemented in a variety of ways to enable it achieve its business goals and objectives. The use of these strategies contributes to organizational effectiveness while improving customer satisfaction through the production of high-quality goods and excellent customer services. Types of Process Strategies: A process incorporates every machine activities, human actions, decisions, computer processing, transportation, and storage that are taken from the point of authorization of a task by a customer to when the product and/or service is delivered to the customer (Render, 2006). There are several types of process including job shop, modular production, mass production, and mass custom processes. These processes are used in the implementation of many ideas within organizations that result in different output volumes and

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