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Question: Do research on the web to find an example of a major IT-related project in which the actions of the business managers made a major difference (either favorable or unfavorable) in the outcome. Document what you think were the key actions taken by managers, and the key missed opportunities to take action. DELL is a really interesting company to study, especially since Michael Dell started the company out of his dorm room and grew Dell to become 51 on the Fortune 500 list (as of 2013- Fortune Magazine) & the No. 3 computer maker in the world, employs 14,000 workers in Central Texas. The idea of a value-chain created by Dell gives the company a unique presence in the PC/IT market. I would like to go with the
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Dell uses information to their disposal by keeping track of “information links” (HBR-Dell pg 79).
Consumers could go to a competitor that will outfit the new business with PCs, but not provide the B2B support Dell does. Michael Dell mentions that his salesmen actually install the computers for their customers, claiming that it enables his employees to know the product better. Dell keeps their suppliers up-to-date with information that helps the company work faster to resolve service calls or quality of customer service. “Most of the managerial challenges at Dell computer have to do with what they call velocity- speeding the pace of every element of their business.”
Manager’s use of information systems allows a typical hardware replacement service happen quickly. If a service call is placed, there is action happening with the supplier and the contracted technician is sent out (aka Third Party maintainer). Dell has a build-to-order model for its PCs. Customers love that they can pick and choose what kind of system will fit their needs right from the internet. Since Dell makes most of its money in a B2B approach, they build customized intranet views for their enterprise customers. It allows the customers to plan ahead, and configure the product how they want
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