Deloitte : An Esteemed Company Essay

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MBAZ 604 Research Proposal Abstract Deloitte is an esteemed company in the financial advisory sector globally and in New Zealand. The below research proposal is outlining the intended study over the following eight months. By gaining insight into the relationship between workplace satisfaction, inclusion levels, and motivations of employees, Deloitte will have a greater understanding of the aptitudes of employees that are in the early to mid stages of their careers. With the attainment of this new information about their workforce, Deloitte will be able to successfully improve their staff retention and develop stratagems to improve productivity. Introduction Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world by income and by the quantity of professionals. In New Zealand alone, Deloitte employs more than 1,000 staff and has people in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services for individuals and companies all over New Zealand. As an esteemed company in the financial advisory sector, Deloitte has continually preserved a high level of confidence with its cliental. One of the most crucial parts of Deloitte’s business is the professionals’ that Deloitte employs, and they directly influence the companies overall performance and reputation. So for Deloitte its vital that their staff be taught the right skills, and have the right incentives to
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