Deloitte And Touche Llp, The Us Based Advisory Arm Of Deloitte Touche

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I am currently employed by Deloitte and Touche LLP, the US based advisory arm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. My particular section is known as ERS; Enterprise Risk Services. Owners of the firm are Partners and Directors, employees categorized in ascending order of seniority; consultant, senior consultant, manager and senior manager. The firm employs a hybrid incentive model for employees that includes fixed pay, in the form of a base salary, and contingent rewards in the form of eligibility to receive a year-end bonus. Non-financial incentives are based on an employee’s level and include supplemental training on core consulting execution skills through to engagement/ management development. This hybrid approach is ineffective at three points. First; there is minimal employee reliability on compensation consistency. Second; there is an unaddressed risk appetite discrepancy between employees and owners. Third; there is limited ability for owners who subjectively determine rewards to observe day to day work.
Employees are sourced from two streams; academic (undergraduate and graduate students) and experienced hires (working professionals with 1 or more years of experience). Employees hired as a part of the academic recruitment cycle are place into a “class” that represents a group of people hired at the same time and bounded to a limited range of incentives (salary and entitlements). Experienced hires base salaries are calculated based on the average industry salary for
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