Deloris Research Paper

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I am a hybrid. African American and Latina. I am a mix of my grandmothers. Deloris is an African American woman who raised her children with southern pride in North Carolina. She happily spoiled them with fried chicken gizzards, hush puppies, collard greens and tough love. Elizabeth is a Venezuelan woman who fell in love with a Puerto Rican musician named Eusebio. She spoiled all of her children with love, arepas, tostones, arroz con leche and teddy bears. I have never met Deloris, but I have seen pictures. She lives through the many sayings that she preached to my mother, and ultimately what my mother preaches to me. Elizabeth adored oversized earrings, rings, and stuffed animals. On the day of her death I was left Goldie, Blue and a
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