Delta Air Lines Airport & Airspace Capacity Case Study

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Worldport provides UPS access to 220 different countries and territories. Worldport offers 70 aircraft docks for UPS and allows for roughly one UPS aircraft to land per minute during peak hours. Louisville International Airport’s airport code is SDF which is from its former name, Standiford Field (Santos, 2013). Worldport is a fairly new hub at Louisville International Airport. It wasn’t until September of 2002 that the $1.1 billion facility was opened. In 2005, UPS closed a hub in Dayton, Ohio and in 2006 announced an expansion to Worldport. UPS has continued to expand, and as of 2010 UPS’ Worldport facility is 5.2 million square feet big and is able to process 416,000 packages per hour (Santos, 2013). Louisville International Airport is not located in the FACT or FACT 2. It is not your standard large airport hub. It is, however, a very large cargo hub. The FAA has looked at Louisville for improvements but overall the airport has a great portfolio and can support the operations that it currently has. Louisville International Airport has taken steps on their own to ensure they stay with the times and keep making advancements for their airport (FY2012 Annual Report, n.d.). In 2011, Louisville International Airport ranked ninth amongst the world’s busiest cargo airports. It was ranked third in North America behind airports…
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