Delta Air Lines, Inc.

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) Geni Management Prof whateve 04/28/2017 Introduction Delta Air Lines, Inc. is a provider of scheduled air transportation for passengers and cargo throughout the globe while based primarily in the United States. Despite extreme competition, Delta maintains its strong market position on the global scale. The airlines began operations in 1928 as a small local US based air Transportation Company aimed at providing reliable travel. This paper will discuss the management functions utilized that have helped Delta pursue in a future time period and how those objectives can be achieved efficiently. First is planning. This involves setting goals and objectives to be achieved by an organization in a specified duration. During the…show more content…
To achieve this function Delta creates an environment that motivates staff efficiency by management implementing methods to better understand subordinates’ principles attitudes, values, personalities, emotions, and attitudes. These traits help the Delta management navigate the resources to properly identify what changes can be made for bettering the company in meeting their goals. The last stage of function of management, controlling. This includes setting and establishing values to be maintained within the company. It also involves evaluation of results in comparison with the set standards and incase of any variations, it helps management to come up with the appropriate measures. Controlling, commonly thought of in terms of financial standards, managers also control production and operations processes, as well as procedures for delivery of services all within compliance of company policies, and other activities in the organization. Delta management apply several strategies for controlling and they are implemented in three steps: 1. Established performance standards. 2. Reflecting on actual performance to the standards. 3. Developed methods of corrective action based on the deviation from the standard. These measures are put into place for and by the management to better structure the company for them to be in compliance with the consumer needs. Planning Management enters the planning stage by deciding what objectives to pursue during a set time frame and along
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