Delta Airlines And Los Angeles International Airport

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Delta information for moving day, May 2017. The weekend over Mother’s Day of 2017 is going to a big mess for passengers and crew members unaware of the big move (Delta Airlines, 2017). The large-scale switch is going to create delays and possibly make passengers miss flights. Delta Airlines has instructed flights crews to make a specific announcement after each landing in LAX to help passengers and provide a little public relations customer service (Delta Airlines, 2017). We apologize for today’s delay and are working diligently to correct these operational issues. Starting Mother’s Day weekend, Delta begins a transition to Terminals 2 and 3 on the north side of the airport. While this doesn’t help with today’s delay, our goal is to…show more content…
Southwest Airlines tries to produce the most amount of revenue while reducing downtime and reducing extravagant items. Extravagant items extend to the terminal public waiting area. These public areas around the Southwest Airlines gates are not always appealing or up-to-date. Southwest Airlines has a majority traffic share in and out of San Diego International Airport. In terminal one, Southwest Airlines has over half of the facility for their gates and spaces. Terminal one is an older design and will need to be updated within the next decade. Terminal two at San Diego International Airport was recently updated and houses international airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and a few other miscellaneous airlines (San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, 2017). This terminal has recently completed a major renovation, and has expanded the capabilities and accommodations for airlines, retailers, and food concessionaires. This new facility houses the upgraded customs facility, which is getting another advanced improvement to be the most state of the art customs facilities in the country (San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, 2017). San Diego International Airport is trying to promote Southwest Airlines into helping supplement the terminal one revamp costs, required to renovate and build a new larger terminal facility. Southwest Airlines has repeatedly refused to help fund any expansion opportunities located at the San Diego
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