Delta Airlines Evaluation

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For my news report I turned to the website and I supplemented my research with information from the BET website. These websites were incredibly helpful in my research gathering process. I feel that these sources were reliable and for the most part unbiased news sources in which I could gather accurate and relevant information to my issue.
In early October, Delta Airlines was accused with racial profiling after a flight attendant refused to believe that a black woman, Tamika Cross, was a doctor. During a flight from Detroit, a man went unconscious and his wife cried out for help. A representative for the airline went on the speaker and asked if anyone aboard was a doctor, Dr. Tamika Cross immediately responded. The flight attendant showed clear doubt that Tamika Cross was a doctor and reportedly said to her that they were “looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel.” Once again the cockpit asked if there were any medical personnel on board, and once again Dr. Cross responded. Once again Dr. Cross was greeted with disbelief and was even asked to prove her
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Through utilization of justification, Delta airlines minimizes their crisis by stating that they are still taking action in order to investigate what happened. Delta never fully acknowledges that there is an issue and instead tries to make it right through the reduction of offensiveness. Through utilizing this strategy they reduce the severity of Dr. Cross’s allegations by discussion how their flight attendants are trained and how ultimately it comes down to a judgment call. The biggest issue with Delta’s statement is that it lacks an apology and never acknowledges that there was an issue of racial profiling. Although Delta did issue a statement, it was not effective in making their issues go away, and was not a sincere
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