Delta Airlines : The Largest Operating Airline

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Delta airlines is the oldest operating airline in the United States, one of the five remaining legacy carriers, and a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. It was founded as a crop dusting service company in 1924 in Macon, Georgia. Since its early years Delta airlines has gone through all the regulation changes from early years of commercial aviation to recent years, and has been highly influenced by the government laws.
The first major piece of legislation created by Congress related to aviation industry was The Air Mail Act of 1925, also known as Kelly Act. This act gave an opportunity for airlines to profit from operating mail services, and Delta got involved in the business. In 1927, Delta extended dusting services to Peru,
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Braniff, Capital, Delta, Northeast, and Panagra employed pilots. United Air Lines used both pilots and mechanics.
In 1968, due to continued wave of U.S. air carrier hijackings, including aboard Delta airlines aircraft, FAA announced that specially trained FAA safety inspectors or "sky marshals" had begun boarding Florida-bound airline flights. However, the effort was unrewarding, hijackings continued to occur and a total of twelve airliners and six general aviation aircraft were diverted to Cuba during the same year (“FAA chronology”, 2017).
On October 24 1978 President Carter signed the airline deregulation act for years the airline industry was rigidly regulated by the government. By 1978 the general public and many government officials had decided that this system was no longer effective and it was time for the airlines to be free of government regulation. This one piece of legislation would turn the airline industry in a whole new direction by radically changing the business for both the consumer and those working within it. Before deregulation, the Civil Aeronautics Board regulated both the airlines routes and the ticket prices. With deregulation, any domestic airline that was supposed to fit, willing, and able by the Department of Transportation. The primary role of the DOT changed from approving whether an airline was
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