Delta Leadership Essay

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“I believe that an effective leader who goes to work with a sense of urgency. With clear purpose in mind and a deep intention in the heart- a leader works the hardest and gives the most. She leads by example- through action.” When I think of leadership, this quote by Marechiel Santos-Lang hits the nail on the head. I believe in leading by example. When peers see someone able to communicate and lead in an engaging manner, the bar is set high. In 2014, I was elected as a chair member in my sorority, Delta Delta Delta, which dedicates its time to raising money for St. Jude Research Hospital. To allow my sorority to improve and increase fundraising, I scheduled small get togethers with members in an effort to get to know them and their hopes for the future of the sorority. These smaller meetings allowed me to get to know the girl’s on a more personal level and I found similarities with most everyone: their love for St. Jude and their motivation to raise more money. After months of daily get-togethers and lunches, I reported to the sorority’s board what I had learned, and how we might want to make changes to the approaches we were taking on raising money.…show more content…
While many members had different ideas, they all had one end goal in mind and that was to raise more money. Board meetings started becoming more of a collaboration and this helped member meetings be more interactive and positive. With slight changes, we were able to more easily lead our sorority sisters in designing fundraisers that met the interests of the community and effectively raise more money. I have been fortunate enough to gain experiences that have effectively taught me how to be a leader and work together with a team and I am confident I will be able to apply this to my nursing career more
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