Delusion And Illusion Or No?

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Delusion And Illusion Or No? Hypothesis If the elderly drink the water of the Fountain of Youth, then the elderly will become youthful, but will retain previous behavioral patterns. Rationale Dr. Heidegger expects to see his friends, Mr. Medbourne, Colonel Killegrew, Mr. Gascoigne, and the Widow Wycherly, become youthful after drinking of the water of the Fountain of Youth. Dr. Heidegger does not seem to think that his friends would change their ways if given back their youthful countenance due to that he gives them the advice that they should create rules to live by when returned to their youthful forms that they not make the same mistakes again. Dr. Heidegger also seems to believe that his friends will follow human nature and retain…show more content…
Their responses to step B.) subpart b.) were still of disbelief and skepticism, though they were still willing to go through with the experiment. The subjects’ responses to steps C.) and D.) were of disregard and ridicule. The subjects’ responses to step F.) were to drink with shaking hands, without even the hope and animation along with it that they may actually grow young once more. The subjects’ responses to step H.) were of greed and impatience, There was an outcry of desire for more of the Fountain’s water because the subjects still believed themselves to be too old and wanted to be younger still. They drank quickly. In step I.), the subjects reached a middle-aged appearance, hardy beyond their youthful prime. Their eyes grew bright and clear and their hair regained its lost color. They began displaying the characteristics of their previous youth. They behaved as they once had, and no behavioral changes were present. In step J.), the subjects asked for more with eager impatience. They drank a third draft of the Fountain’s water greedily. In step K.), the subjects hit the prime of their youth, They were ecstatic with youthful exuberance. The three gentlemen took up dancing with the Widow Wycherly, quarreling over who could take up her hand, then began to gather around her and all dance at once. A tall mirror and withered older gentleman and a shrivelled elderly woman. They knocked over a table and spilled the water of the Fountain of Youth across the floor. The
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