Deluxe Tool Case Study

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Delux Tool Case Study Currently the companies, Delux Machine Tools, Safe Buy Insurance Co., and MicroAge Software are all operating more or less separately, but all under the management of I.M. Tycoon. The assumption is that in order for the three entities to properly function under this corporate umbrella, they must be restructured in such a way to allow for efficient and effective operation. At the end of the day, an organizational structure will determine how the various roles, with their powers and responsibilities, are delegated, controlled, and coordinated, as well as how information flows between the levels in the structure. I.M. Tycoon’s primary goal is to make sure that the companies of his siblings stay financially fit for at…show more content…
By removing this function from each unit and making one large unit above each entity, it could make things a bit easier and also save a lot of costs. Whether I.M. Tycoon decides to still run Delux Machine Tools is up to him, but in this way, you would have a bureaucratic control structure at the top. I.M. Tycoon decides on the objectives and goals of each company and discusses the feasibilities with finance and the business heads. Once the costs and budget are calculated by the finance department, they would then convey the goal with the appropriate budgets to the unit heads. The unit heads would then convert the goals in a way that would work effectively with their control

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