Demand Elasticity Of Amazon 's Product

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business has to offer, for an annual fee of $99 per years, a customer along with up to four household members can receive Free Two-day or Same-Day shipment on over 10,000 eligible items on the website. Besides that great benefit prime users can stream instant video, music, read eBooks and various other perks. This is a type of bundle pricing tactic the leads customer to purchase exclusively on the platform for everyday products. As deliberated in our textbook, “The purpose of bundle pricing is to induce the buyer to spend more than they would have if they had only bought one unit of the product, and thus increase the overall revenue of the firm.” (Douglas, 2012) Demand Elasticity of Amazon’s Product: Elastic demand is usually a…show more content…
Annual Reports Source: Copyright © 2016 Stock Analysis on Net Competitive Environment: The competitive environment is primarily competitors trying to keep up with and their many endeavors, the company is current in many different industry with keep the competitors at bay. Wal-Mart has been trying to compete with in the procurement of some of the on-line e-commerce business. In the article, Wal-Mart’s new e-frontier the writer stated that “In August 2009, Wal-Mart said it would allow outside retailers to sell almost one million items - ranging from baby products to sports memorabilia - at its site, following one of Amazon 's key business models.” (Strauss, 2009). Even though Wal-Mart is still striving to capture some of Amazon e-commerce business they are still not a major competitor for the company. One of the latest products that Amazon has introduced to the marketplace is Amazon Fresh
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