Demand For Reform : Law Reform

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Demand for Reform Law reform is the process of changing and updating laws, so that they reflect the current values and demands of contemporary society. Those with sovereign power must identify the change in social values, behaviours and expectations; through this they must consider whether new or amended laws are required; and they must develop and implement these changes. Society is never completely satisfied with the reforms made to law, reforms are made to satisfy the general public. It is evident that the need for reform in the area of illicit substances is significant, due to the countless cases of people requiring medicinal cannabis and having these requests consistently revoked. The current legal response, although somewhat lenient does not fully allow for medicinal cannabis. Depending on the circumstances, can particular patients be allowed to use Cannabis treatment, although previous bills not allow recreational users to legally use the substance. A great deal of harm is caused by illicit drugs, particularly to dependant users. Drug use damages the user and diminishes an individual’s social cohesion. An individual’s dependency on illicit drugs places a heavy burden on the Australian legal system, welfare(Centrelink), the justice system(lawyers) and the medical system. The many burdens caused by the manufacture, supply and use of illicit drugs effect the efficiency of Australia. The Drugs misuse and trafficking Act 1985 (NSW) applies to over 240 drugs, including
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