Demand Of Fossile Fuel There Is Need For Study A Number Of Renewable Sources

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Incresing demand of fossile fuel there is need to study a number of renewable sources. In present investigation influence of input parameter such as injection pressure, compression ratio and load on the performance of single cylinder diesel engine fueled with soybean biodiesel and its blend. The test are carried out with three different injection pressure (160, 200, 240 bar), compression ratio (18, 17, 16), load (1, 6, 11) and % of biodiesel (100%, 50%, 0%). This study investigated by Response Surface Methodology to optimize the performance parameter such as Mechanical efficiency. A set of experimental runs was established by using a Central Composite Design and the RSM was employed to obtain the regression model for the Mechanical…show more content…
Blending and transesterification may overcome this problem. To achieve a better result with biofuel there is some modification made in input parameter.


The fuel consumption of the crude oil increase day by day. There is also increases consumption of diesel fuel because diesel is a main source of transportation and passenger vehicle. For to reduce diesel fuel consumption there is alternate fuel or blended fuel used in IC engine which can be partially mixed with diesel and give good performance on IC engine. There are so many performance parameter in diesel engine like Power, Mechanical Efficiency and brake specific fuel consumption. The Mechanical Efficiency are normally used for to compare performance of different engines. It is defined ratio of brake power to the indicated power.
Mechanical eff =(B.P)/(I.P)
B.P =Brake Power
I.P = Indicated Power

Soybean oil are produced from the seeds of soybean which are green or yellow in colour and small in size. TABLE – 1
Property Soybean Diesel
Calorific value (MJ/kg) 39.76 42–45.9
Relative density 0.885 0.82–0.867
Kinematic viscosity at 40◦C (cSt) 4.08 2.5–5.7
Cetane number 40–53 45–55
Flash point (◦C) 69 50–86
Fire point (◦C) − 60–92
Cloud point(◦C) −2 (−15 to 5)
Pour point (◦C) −3.8 (−35 to −15)
Sulphur content (%wt) 0.01 1.2–2

For to extract the oil from soybean there is need to cleaned, dried and
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