Demand Side Management

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Module 14 Demand-side management sustainable energy regulation and policymaking for africa MODULE 14: DEMAND-SIDE MANAGEMENT page iii CONTENTS 1. MODULE OBJECTIVES 14.1 1.1. Module overview 14.1 1.2. Module aims 14.1 1.3. Module learning outcomes 14.2 2. INTRODUCTION 14.3 3. WHY PROMOTE DSM? 14.5 4. WHAT DRIVES DSM? 14.7 4.1. Cost reduction and environmental motives 14.8 4.2. Reliability and network motives 14.10 5. TYPES OF DSM MEASURES 14.13 5.1. Energy reduction programmes 14.13 5.2. Load management programmes 14.31 5.3. Load growth and conservation programmes 14.34 6. INFORMATION DISSEMINATION ON DSM 14.37 7. CHALLENGES OF IMPLEMENTING DSM PROGRAMMES 14.39 8. CONCLUSION 14.41 LEARNING RESOURCES 14.43 Key points…show more content…
Finally, DSM has a major role to play in deferring high investments in generation, transmission and distribution networks. Thus DSM applied to electricity systems provides significant economic, reliability and environmental benefits. When DSM is applied to the consumption of energy in general—not just electricity but fuels of all types—it can also bring significant cost benefits to energy users (and corresponding reductions in emissions). Opportunities for reducing energy demand are numerous in all sectors and many are low-cost, or even nocost, items that most enterprises or individuals could adopt in the short term, if good energy management is practised. This module examines the types of DSM measures that can reduce energy demand for the end-user, that can manage and control loads from the utility side, and that can convert unsustainable energy practices into more efficient and sustainable energy use. The module includes a review of housekeeping and preventative maintenance, two of the simplest and most effective ways of reducing demand, and discusses marketing of DSM programmes. Some of the challenges that face the implementation of DSM programmes are also examined. 1.2. Module aims The aims of the module are: _ To introduce the concept of demand-side management for residential, commercial
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