Demarco's Mate: An Analysis

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When Demarco discovers that Kade Remus is his mate, it is not a happy moment. He has fought his entire life against his omega status, a status that his brother has tried to shove down Demarco's throat. Demarco was sick of trying to live his life the way everyone expected him to. He feels conflicted and doesn't know which way to turn. Kade agrees to give Demarco the space and time the wolf shifter needs, but when trouble finds the little omega, Kade puts his foot down. Unfortunately, that only pushes Demarco away. Kade decides that time alone with his mate is what they both need. He takes Demarco to a cabin in an attempt to convince Demarco that being an omega doesn’t mean the wolf has to give up who he is. But trouble follows them, and both
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