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[pic] FINAL REPORT ON EXECUTIVE TRAINING [pic] TITLE: To sell 24 Demat accounts worth Rs.2,00,000/- for 3 months for Sharekhan Limited in Nagpur city. GUIDED BY- Mrs. Parijad Dongure MR. CHIRAG JOSHI (Faculty Guide) (Company Guide) SUBMITTED BY: AJEET KUMAR Enroll. No.: 8NBNG010 Summer Internship Program 2009 The MBA Program 2008-2010 ICFAI National College, SIP Centre Nagpur CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Final Report on Executive…show more content…
The functions performed by a financial system are: THE SAVINGS FUNCTION: LIQUIDITY FUNCTION: PAYMENT FUNCTION: RISK FUNCTION: POLICY FUNCTION: COMPANY PROFILE SHAREKHAN LIMITED Sharekhan is one of the top retail brokerage houses in India with a strong online trading platform. The company provides equity based products (research, equities, derivatives, depository, margin funding, etc.). It has one of the largest networks in the country with 704 share shops in 280 cities and India’s premier online trading portal With their research expertise, customer commitment and superior technology, they provide investors with end-to-end solutions in investments. They provide trade execution services through multiple channels - an Internet platform, telephone and retail outlets. Sharekhan was established by Morakhia family in 1999-2000 and Morakhia family, continues to remain the largest shareholder. It is the retail broking arm of the Mumbai-based SSKI [SHANTILAL SHEWANTILAL KANTILAL ISWARNATH LIMITED] Group. SSKI which is established in 1930 is the parent company of Sharekhan ltd. With a legacy of more than 80 years in the stock markets, the SSKI group ventured into institutional broking and corporate finance over a decade ago. Presently SSKI is one of the leading players in institutional broking and corporate finance activities. Sharekhan offers its customers a wide range of equity

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